EN Indy Awards: Submit an Entry

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In order to reflect some of the magnificent work by our industry, the EN Indy Awards consists of categories relevant to those newer in the industry and the entrepreneurship created by you. Below you will see information on how to enter. Please follow the steps and ensure your entries are in before the deadline.

  • To submit an entry, each category has 5 criteria. Ensure you respond to each one in your citation and supporting documents for a winning submission.
  • You can create an account and save your submission any time before submitting it before the deadline on 14 July. Just don't forget to click submit! You will receive a confirmation email when you submit it. 
  • The shortlist will be announced and you will be contacted by the Exhibition News Team to congratulate and invite you to attend the awards ceremony in September 2022 where the winners will be announced. 

Entering the awards remains free of charge for all categories, however, if shortlisted, you will be required to purchase a minimum of one ticket at the full list price. Multiple shortlist entries only requires one ticket purchase.