EN Marketing Conference and Awards

Welcome to the EN Marketing Conference

As holders of the largest network of event marketers in the industry, Exhibition News strives to constantly improve standards within our community, and 2022 brings the launch of our inaugural EN Marketing Awards and Conference.
This hands-on educational event seeks to provide any exhibition marketeer with a greater understanding of the various tools and processes you can use to simplify their event cycle and tangibly improve results for their respective projects.

This conference and awards will be an integral part of that nurturing process by offering an innovative new event for CMOs, Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers and Marketing Executives in the exhibition industry to share knowledge and experience, as well as celebrate the successes!


December 2022

8:30 to 14:00

The day will provide the industry's exhibition marketers with a new and innovative toolkit for marketing success, with the biggest names in the marketing and exhibition industries. 

EN Marketing Conference

  • Keynote Presentation
  • Learn from other successful industries
  • 6 Roundtables Options

Session topics will be all about enlightening the next generation of event marketers and levelling up your exhibition marketing:

Social Marketing, How Consumer Behaviour is Changing, Digital Marketing, Improving Registration, Get more out of Research, Developing Stronger Brands, Creating the Ultimate Event Marketing Mix, Making PR Pay, Creating Strategic Plans, Building Better Partnerships, Marketing Through Exhibitors (MTE).


The EN Marketing Awards will be happening this December! It is completely free to enter this year's EN Marketing Awards and you're allowed to enter as many as you like, so long as you meet the submission criteria. Our process consists of three simple steps that you need to be aware of. 

  • To submit an entry, each category has 5 criteria. Ensure you respond to each one in your citation and supporting documents for a winning submission.
  • You can create an account and save your submission any time before submitting it before the deadline on 23 September. Just don't forget to click submit! You will receive a confirmation email when you submit it. 
  • The shortlist will be announced and you will be contacted by the Exhibition News Team to congratulate and invite you to attend the awards ceremony in December 2022 where the winners will be announced. 

Register Your Interest


As we are finalising the payment webpage please take 3 minutes to register your interest to attend. 

Marketing Professional Tickets: £250 

Supplier Tickets (Exclusive and Limited Availablity): £400



Sponsoring the EN Marketing Awards & Conference is the perfect opportunity to establish your brand as a support for the marketers in the events world.

Like any of our events, sponsorship campaigns have been tailor-made and divided into three key stages of marketing activity – all carried out to form strong and long-lasting bonds with marketing decision-makers.

Partner with Exhibition News and you will be positioning your brand as a pro-active supporter of an essential group of companies who work tirelessly to help deliver shows – marketers included.